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GIFT for Schools

If you would like to explore ways to meet the needs of your brightest pupils, you can take advantage of a free half hour consultation with our Director of Studies, Jason Buckley by phone or Skype . Email to arrange a time.


Strands we can discuss include:

  • Practical classroom strategies – low-effort, high-impact approaches to improving the school experience for gifted pupils

  • Giftedness and mental health – issues around perfectionism, exam pressure, peers and family

  • Twice exceptionality – approaches to gifted pupils who also have special educational needs

  • Equality of challenge – reframing provision for the gifted from “elitism” to an inclusion issue

  • Why gifted thinkers and high achieving students are not necessarily the same

  • Misconceptions around growth mindset – an incomplete understanding of growth mindset can lead to hostility towards provision for gifted learners

Schools can help their pupils access support from GIFT by signposting our courses, supporting children financially (particularly through Pupil Premium), by hosting courses for your own pupils, or by hosting as a local hub.

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