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Dear GIFTers,

Lots of you are asking when we'll hold our next GIFT residential - believe us when we tell you we are working on it!!


In the meantime, we're asking you to book your GIFT classes over at our other website (Philosophy for Home Education). This is where we run daytime courses for home ed students.

All your usual Wranglers sessions and Taster classes are now listed over there to make it more straightforward for us to manage the admin side of things. We have extra features on p4he, such as an account page where you can see all your bookings, dates and times of your upcoming classes, in one place.

We know you miss seeing each other. We are especially thinking of the uncertainty faced by our exam year students, and those "graduated" GIFTers who have had such a disrupted first experience of being at university.

We are really looking forward to new "real life" beginnings and maybe a new "real life" venue - we'll keep you posted.

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