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Our online and residential courses now live on which stands for Philosophy for Home Education. Which isn't the best of names because we do a lot more than philosophy and we're not just for home educators.

Let me explain. From the 1980's onwards, GIFT ran courses for gifted children, including residential weekends and summer schools. In 2018 a parent requested some online philosophy classes on this thing called "Zoom" which I'd never heard of. They were really good, and we soon started running Debate and Improv classes too.

So when in February 2020, another parent asked us to run online philosophy classes for home-educated children, we did. Then the pandemic struck and so we were online-only for a few years, with the old vintage GIFTers and our new home-edders starting to mix more and more.

When we restarted residentials in April 2023, they were open to all. We've never had a test or an application process: we've always found that the youngsters who see the odd mix of things we offer and want in are the right people to be in the room - or in the zoom!

So head on over to to book a zoom, a weekend, a DofE expedition or a summer school!


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